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Weddings - Fundraisers - Birthday Parties

Hire us for your next event!

Live Event Painting

Want to have something unique at your next event? Hire our trained artist to paint a custom piece live! We've painted for many events including; Weddings, Birthdays, Festivals, Concerts, Celebrations of Life, Fundraisers and many more!

Custom pieces may include:

Family/Couple/Single Portraits


Company Logo

Have a theme or idea? Let talk about your customized piece!

Choose a style:

Live Reference Painting

Live Plein Air Painting


Your guests will be all a buzz about the live artwork being created live during your event! Everyone loves to watch our artist work and the best part is you get to take home your custom artwork as a keepsake!


Pieces are finished within 3-4 hours during your event, depending on complexity. All pricing is custom and tailored just for you!


Ask us for a quote, fill out our event inquiry form below!


Call or email us to book your artist today!

Artists are located in the Las Vegas, Clark County area. 


Cayce Hanalei painting live for the Prismatic Series

June 2017


Cayce Hanalei painting live for the Banker's Hill Art and Craft Beer festival

March 2018


Cayce Hanalei painting live at the Festival of Arts

May 2018

Cayce Hanalei painting live for Team Anthony's Suicide prevention concert

Oct 2017

Live Reference Painting
Live Plein Air Painting

You give us a reference photo upfront so we can prepare for your special event. The finished piece will turn out fine tuned and include more detail the a live Plein Air painting. 

You tell us what moment you want captured during your special event. The finished piece will be a beautiful gesture painting of that special moment in time during your special event. 

Event Inquiry Form

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For immediate Assistance please email us directly at

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