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Do you want to host your own Art Event?

Hire us for our Event Planning and Curating

Hanalei Art Exhibitions

Hanalei Artworks has had years of experience organizing over 50 art events for local artists and craftsmen.

Our Services Include:

Artist and Vendor Coordination

Venue Preparation 

Art Hanging and Curation

Event Sales and Finances 

Marketing and Advertising

Do you need someone to help organizing your own art event? Call or email us for a quote today!

Located in the Las Vegas, Clark County area. 


Cayce Hanalei, curating Hanalei Artworks event BE BOLD featuring Kim Curran

Nov 2018

Cayce Hanalei at Hanalei Artworks event Empower

March 2018


Hanalei Artworks event Intersections featuring Tjay Santa Ana

Jan 2019

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