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About Cayce Hanalei and Hanalei Artworks

As a client of Hanalei Artworks, we can offer you many different ways to connect with your own creativity. Whether you choose to use our excellent event planning and curating, have us paint live at one of your events, have us host a Paint and Party in your own home, have us paint you a custom commission, or meet us one on one for an art lesson. We are here to help spark your imagination and immerse you in your own artistic journey.

Owner and founder of Hanalei Artworks, Cayce Hanalei, received a BA in Fine Art and BA in Business Administration in 2013 and currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has years of experience hosting and curating group and solo art exhibitions in San Diego. Hanalei Artworks has sponsored over 50 events for emerging artist in our local community cultivating a thriving art hub in unconventional spaces such as bars, restaurants, doctors offices and more.


Cayce Hanalei is also an accomplished portrait artist with over 12 years experience and is known for her skill in painting live and under pressure. She has been featured in many National and International exhibitions, including shows at La Bodega Gallery, The Studio Door, and Art on 30th. Her studio is located at her home in Nevada where she currently works on her most recent projects. 

"Painting people is what I was made to do. Not only because I find the human figure fascinating but no matter who you are we all have one thing in common, we are ALL human. Regardless of religion, color, gender, race, sexual orientation, we all have something beautiful and unique within us. I find it extremely therapeutic when I try to expose that truth in each piece and each person. It's a revelation that I try to instill in all of my work. I want my viewers and clients to relook at something they see every day, their human nature, and see it laced with value and beauty.


With Hanalei Artworks, I hope that our fellow artists and patrons can be inspired by their own humanity so that they can help cultivate a thriving community that values artistic expression, human nature, and the working artist."

- Cayce Hanalei, Owner and Founder

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